How can you make your HR Processes easier, faster and more effective?
Do you need a solution that helps you to uncover strategic business insights that can help you when planning, forecasting, delivering a successful business strategy?
CasHR will help you achieve all of the above and much more. CasHR is a unique web integrated HR Solution that will assist with all of your corporate needs.

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Complete Integration

CasHR is a great way of handling all of your business and personnel HR processes all on one easy to use unique platform. This will help to keep your business keep track of it all. Allowing your organisation to see the bigger picture within one picture. • Payroll • Sickness/Absences • Performances • Resource Management • Recruitment • Shift Scheduling • And more…

Cost-saving flexibility

CasHR does not require any configuration or system knowledge, which means that there is no need for any software customisations. As all of your data is stored in a secured database location.

Data Access Control

You are completely in control of who has access to what information and when. Because of our user management system, it gives you the ability to create new users and allocate what privileges and permissions you want them to have and how much of the system they can access.

Software upgrades

CasHR does not require any software or system upgrades, only a computer or device with a web browser connected to the internet.

Fully scalable

CasHR web based architecture means it can adapt to many businesses, across many industries, from smaller concerns to global multinationals, covering resource needs of organisations in the public and private sectors.

CasHR at a glance

CasHREmployee Personal management – tells you everything you will ever need to know about your employees, with the minimum effort.

CasHRUser Management – used to create additional system users and admin managers, controlaccess and privilege allocation.

CasHR Annual Leave – Simplify the concept of booking leave/holiday in your organisation and reduce work load on management by giving employees the ability to book their leave online. Management can accept or decline request.

CasHR Payroll – Making employee pay easy to process and effectively managed.

CasHR Attendance Management – managing employee sickness and absenteeism issues.

CasHR Shift Scheduling - managing employee weekly and monthly shift schedule electronically.

CasHR Performance Appraisal Management – tracking employee performance and setting development targets.

With sickness and absenteeism costing businesses millions of pounds each year, sickness and absence management is a serious issue for HR professionals and business owners alike. In dealing with such issues as frequent, short-term absenteeism or malingering and long-term absence, intervention is often required to resolve any underlying personal or medical issues. With HR departments and line management under increasing time pressures, there is often an overall lack of management information, reporting and co-ordination of absenteeism records and resultant action within many businesses.

The need for a simple to use, cost-effective, Attendance management system on CasHRassists management in good strategic decision making

The company administrator provides the complete control and access on all users accountscreated on the company platform and functions on the system.

The company administrator can manage any user account, give them system access and privilege on what they can and can’t do on the system.

CasHRgives you the informational insight and back up you need to be confident about the strategic conclusions you draw – and the ability to answer any additional queries that are thrown your way.