Platform Solutions

At Caston Solutions we have CasHR and CasCRM, they are integrated web based business platforms that are designed with your business needs in mind.

With no need for any setup or software installation. Try out our solutions for free, for 60 days.

We specialise in HR, CRM and Recruitment business solutions and our system gives your organisation the assurance that all of your business processes and needs can be managed in one place.

Caston Solutions not only help you save time and money by increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of your HR and Sales departments. They place universal processes within the organisation and it means that everyone can work from the same format/ platform, which will enhance the delivery of a successful business strategy.

Your data is stored in a secured database and can be accessed from anywhere in the world via your web browser 24/7. Making it easy to work wherever you or your team are – Office, Home, Mobile Device.


CasHR handles all of your business HR and Recruitment processes. With CasHR you can organise pay, holidays, absences, employee performance, help your business keep track of employees, track and manage your resources. Business HR solution has never been easier and CasHR can be accessed from any web browser allowing the organisation (or key people) to see all aspects of the company.   Learn more >>


CasCRM is a complete web based Contact Record Management Sales and Marketing Platform.
Effectively engage and manage clients/customers through real time and easy to use software that allows you to find customer data, view all account information, manage your sales pipeline and much more.. anytime and anywhere.   Learn more >>