Cookies Page

You've arrived on this page because you've clicked on our website and asked about our cookie policy. This page provides general information about the use of cookies on our website. As you would expect, Zend doesn't collect information or cookies (which are little bits of data stored on your computer) unless it needs it. This is for better functionality of the site.

1. Session cookies: (time limited cookies used to give you a good browsing experience). No personal data is stored or collected. These cookies are called session cookies and they don't have any identifiable information in them except to make your browsing experience work. If you are not on an e-commerce site and have not logged into the website, it is likely these are the only cookies stored.

2. E-commerce and login cookies: These types of cookies store some information about you but do not track you. If you login to a site using a username and password, a cookie containing some information to help you login in future will get set. You can always delete these cookies. Similarly on e-commerce sites, your basket information is stored via a cookie.

3. Google Analytics: Google offers a service to site owners to get general information about usage of their site. Most sites use Google Analytics. It is possible some general information is stored about you by Google. You can request Google does not track you via the 'Do Not Track' option on your browser or by logging into Google and asking them not to. We hope that this information is valuable and makes you feel comfortable with the site you are visiting. If you have any question please contact the site owner of the site you were visiting before being redirected to this page.