About Us

Caston Solutions is privately owned by Caston Global Ltd and are based in London. We are an independent and profitable company as our customers are our investors. Each day we make Caston Solutions a better business by listening to our users and solving their problems. This is how we improve our service and how we keep growing.

Here at Caston Solutions, we are embraced by organsiations that are looking for a more efficient and cost effective way to manage their business processes. We focus on and provide effective HR, Recruitment and CRM solutions.

We are constantly innovating and creating new features to our solutions to better support the business needs of our clients. Maintaining excellence and a standard of high quality is very important to us.

Our integrated web based platform solutions are designed to meet the business needs of today. Improving business performance and efficiency allowing organisations to manage better working and business decisions.

Whatever industry you are in, our rich and advanced HR, CRM and Recruitment business solutions will give your organisation the advantage that is needed to save time, save money, increase effectiveness and efficiency. Which should all assist in the delivery of a successful business strategy.

We help many different customers all over the world, whether they are small businesses with 1-5 employees or Departments within Fortune 500.

Our platforms are CasHR and CasCRM and are suitable for every sector of industry. Whether you are in retail, legal and financial, manufacturing, a local authority or charity, the great thing about our platform is that everyone and anyone can use it.